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Theme: Your Creative Mind

This event occurred on
November 20, 2020
El zamalek, Al Qāhirah

Have you ever asked yourself before What the vibrant definition of creativity is. How to be creative with your way of thinking? Minds are always trying to identify how to be creative but creativity isn’t just some steps that are followed, it’s a way of thinking that is associated with imagination, passion, inspiration, prediction, innovation, and compassion. It is just a small concept that produces brilliant and useful things that are worth people's admiration.

El Sawy Culture Wheel
26th of July Corridor, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate
First floor
El zamalek, Al Qāhirah, 11561
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Youth (What is this?)
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Basma Sabri

Basma is an MBA holder, a TESOL certificate and British post graduate education. She graduated from the faculty of economics and political science 10 years ago and with experience 10 years in Education, management and human development. Her career started as an ESL English trainer, then she was promoted to oversee the curriculum, instructors and students' progress at the age of 24. Basma has taught many virtual and on-site business English classes to high-profile calibers inside and outside Egypt. While finishing her master's degree studies, she started teaching HR, management, leadership and some other specialized courses. Now she is the English technical manager at the information technology institute. She is still working on finalizing her doctorate degree in analyzing the impacts of the technological transformation on the human resources.

Bruno Moutuo

Bruno was born in Gabon in Central Africa, has a bachelor’s degree in Translation, interpretation, and Communication from University Lusofona in Lisbon. He has lived in Lisbon for the last 10 years. Bruno is also a licensed basketball coach from The French Basketball Federation, a blogger, and a Youtuber

Farouk El-Baz

Dr.Farouk El-Baz is the Egyptian American scientist who works at NASA. The one who trained astronauts to select suitable samples of moonstones and soil to bring them to Earth so that accomplishing the Apollos mission. and The one who published more than 540 scientific papers, wrote 12 books about astronomy, and member at many scientific and astronomical institutions.

Jehad Elmahlawy

Graduated from the Faculty of Media at Ain Shams University with being distinguished in her field. In addition she was selected to participate in the Young Media Leaders Scholarship in the United Arab Emirates. she is a social media influencer who offers more than one content Such as motivational content and self-development, she also provides advice such as relationship coaching for young people and educating them about social relations. And at the end of all that success Jehad headed to the fashion blogging and now she has a brand called Gatee.

Maha Magdi

Maha Magdi is a young researcher in theoretical physics. She made two pre-masters in solid physics and theoretical physics along with preparing for her master's in theoretical condensed matter physics. Her studies do not burden her from making activities, as she was awarded in the second young researcher conference as the best undergraduate oral presentation at the conference in 2015. She also participated as a co-author at the third young researchers in 2016.

Mariam Kamal

Mariam had a degree from faculty of Al Alsun, "Ain shams university", participated in many charitable campaigns and she was honoured by the president in the International Youth Conference. Mariam is an influential and successful character, she influences people through her YouTube channel by teaching the community how to live with people with special needs.

Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed Kamal is a senior Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence student at the University of Science and Technology in Zewail City With more than 5 years of experience in teaching and course instructing for (8-year-old kids to university student), participated as a junior teaching assistant for computer science and programming in the university for 2 years. Mohamed is the founder and CEO of “MousaCodes Network LLC.” for computer science and data solutions, Co-founder and chief operations and development at “health inside Inc.” for telemedicine and home health care solutions. He was also the project manager and event coordinator of the (Appx’20 Hackathon summit) at Zewail city and worked as a business developer and project management engineer for “BEDO EG Inc.”

Mohamed Taha

Mohamed Taha (The Introverts’ representative) …… graduated from October STEM School in 2017 and now he is a university student in the third year, studying chemistry major in AUC. Mohamed also was the Event Manager of Hult Prize Egypt, Vice president of Astronomy AUC Club, Vice president of Career Reactor and Congress (conference funded by USAID).

Nehal Osama

Nehal Osama is a successful project engineer, motivated by her love for learning and succeeding as she strives to become an outstanding and successful woman in today’s society. She graduated from prince sultan university in Riyadh majoring interior design engineering, and has been working in KSA since 2014, from interior designer to product specialist to project design manager. Through her years of experience in work and life, Nehal has defined her values, identified her priorities, and fought for her goals and desires. Recently, she returned to Egypt and working on doing her entrepreneurship to embrace new ideas and strategies in design & business.

Omar Abdelrahim

Omar Abdelrahim is the owner of the “Omar Abdelrahim” YouTube channel which is aimed at teaching the English language with its correct accent, and it has reached a million subscriptions in (September 2019). Omar has 13 years of experience in training in many fields. He was a soft skills trainer, then shifted his career to be an English trainer through founding his own training center (Gateway English Community). In addition to publishing his first book that is about teaching the English language for beginners in (January 2020).

Omar Ayyad

Omar graduated from STEM high school a year ago. After getting 1st place at robotics competition, representing Egypt in the technology field with his friend at international fair and opening first robotics club in USA, he joined Zewail city of science and technology.

Rasha Radwan

A Palestinian journalist for 5 years, Rasha has worked in the field of television media, preparing and editor-in-chief of television programs with a female media companion.

Seif Eldreeny

Seif graduated from STEM high school in 2018, got the 1st place in mathematics section, and now he is junior in electronics engineering AUC.

Tarek Wael

Tarek is an executive and positive psychology coach, talent development expert, and personal growth hacker who dreams to grow and help others grow as they go. He is the first Arab and Egyptian to join the stage with global gurus and international thought leader as “ken Blanchard” and “Patrick Lencioni” during one of the biggest international summits: world business and executive coaching Summit (WBECS). In 2017, Tarek founded "Grow as you Go" to boost the personal and professional growth of individuals. He has served as a project advisor and consultant for Organization and Leadership Development projects with high-level governmental entities including The Prime Minister’s Office of the (UAE). He brings solid experience in corporate sales in some of the top 10 Pharma Multinationals.

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